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  1. Hi Friends I asked an independent escort to come over to my place. A different lady turned up and then her pimp called. Demanding money else they will call police and allege rape. Out of fear I have the cash I had and then they demanded to give more from ATM. I took her out of my place and then once in public area I refused and walked away. They called again and threatened to go to police. I don’t think they can as they are also doing something illegal and will equally be in trouble. They have the chat history. Any help will be much appreciated. Should I consult a lawyer ?

  2. Many of us here have similar experiences and stories... Nothing to be worried about at all. Consider whatever happened as an experience, just keep in mind henceforth to be very careful and to avoid such traps. Verify the girl before you enter or let them enter in the room. No need to worry about the chat history and don't bother about lawyer unless you want to shell out more money unnecessarily. You can pay me that lawyer fees though ;)

  3. You can just inform the police about this matter and give the phone number of the person to them in no time these goons will be busted. What nationality were the people?

  4. What is their contact number , so we can keep this number as fraud.

  5. @ajayshah, Hi Ajay many thanks, your advice is reassuring.

  6. @Gfraac, Hi profile isn’t listed on this site. Number is +971 52 729 9883. Profile goes by name of Daniela.

  7. 055 8942276, 052 3858327 - be careful. Same experience. Some african girls will take money.

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