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Are these adverts real girls or FAKE? (7 posts)

  1. Can anyone tell me if the ads on this site are genuine or photoshopped fake pictures? Anyone used the ads on this site please advice.

  2. Okay I have to be careful and vigilant as I have heard of some horror stories.

  3. Majority of the postings are by agencies even if they claim to be independent. Also many girls use either old or photoshoped pics. You will also find some of them to be entirely fake! These are the cases where the girls in pics are different than in real or its a complete scam run by gangs. Best possible way to overcome this is to ask the girl to show herself at the door of the apartment or hotel room, ensure she is the same as pic, and only then enter inside. Otherwise, go for an outcall and call them to your place.

  4. Thanks for the help.

  5. I think is opposite. At least in my experience. Real independent girl will never send you pictures ? because they usually work at day time and trying to be careful. And all this spam girls have prepared fake pictures to send . In bed? next to the door ? next to the window ? forever. So I realize tbe more strict girl by phone ? the more chances that she is real and good But again? this is just my experience

  6. Ask a verification photo of the face with same date

  7. most of them are fake , I know only 2 agencies that have real photos and real girls

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    Can you give ph numbers if that agencies? Thx

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