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MEDICAL TEST (5 posts)

  1. I have a question because I have an issue regarding the medical aspects of these escorts. These girls are checked for any kind of sexual disease.

  2. No!! Almost all of the working girls are here on visit / tourist visa which DOES NOT require any medical test, so they are NOT tested. I reckon only a handful of the girls who are living here as a resident would be tested as per the visa norms. Rest all are not. Most of the agencies / working girls will obviously answer this question as YES as they want to do business and get clients. Thus my honest suggestion is to COVER YOURSELF UP! Use protection...

  3. Ask servise with condom ....most clients are not educated asking from girls servise without condom....girls are refuesed.....

  4. none of them make this , so ty to protect yourself ! better for you !

  5. FYI, East Asians in Dubai are recruited from a pool. Basically they get tested before arrival. not sure about credibility. but its some internal policies between agents and pool other business there is bidding, bargaining everything.

  6. I always cover up but I do get OWO. I go on binges with service, and at the end of a binge, used to take antibiotics before returning to regular life, just for peace of mind. Now Dubai pharmacies won't dispense without prescription. Anyone know more relaxed pharmacies?

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