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  1. Most of the Indian and Pakistani escorts are run by pimps. They project pics of girls who are not in UAE and finally the lady you select and the lady you see will be different. Never go for these, it will give you a bad and harrowing experience. They take your trust and exploit it.

  2. I absolutely second this! Any advice on where can one find the best Ind/Pak girls? Any agencies or places you know?

  3. I have no idea, there might be genuine services but the thing is the models(Indianand Pakistani), are sometimes not conveyed the messages or they act as if they have not been informed and once the money is in their hands it’s a ball game where we are the ball. So before you give the money u have to speak to the model and then and only then you should give the money. If they are not willing for ur terms u will always have the option of declining their services. This is my opinion. Money once given cannot be taken back and they will start acting hostile.

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