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PLEASE Have a local number (5 posts)

  1. Dear Ladies / Agencies / Middle men and to all Service providers, Why don't you have a local number on which the customer can call to arrange bookings. Whatsapp is no doubt a good option for easy communication, but please understand that there are many customers (like me) out there who CANNOT use Whatsapp for obvious reasons to contact you! And so please use a local number on which one can call you. Why use a Russian, UK, USA or UAE number but only for Whatsapp. A serious customer will not mind dialing an international number to contact you. I am unable to Call so many profiles only bcoz of this reason.......

  2. What's app is the best way because client can't share his details for verification reasons.clients must follow the rules of Agencies how they work.

  3. @pleasuresexyladiesss, I agree, the clients should follow the agency rules. But then what about those client who cannot use whatsapp as they want to be discrete. Many people would not like to have or keep their Chats with Escorts or Agencies in their whatsapp. For verification there can be many different ways....

  4. Why want to be discreet if you wanna be duscreet means somerhing you hide...what you hide for why? If you want to hide stay with your wifem or go to europe in a bordello

  5. @pleasuresexyladiesss, Look, I am a guy who regularly avails services from here, but at the same time I want to keep all of this private and not to be seen by my GF or Wife or anyone else, which is not so easy when using Whatsapp etc. Anyways, I dont think you understand my point!! Thanks for your inputs, anyways!

  6. Well! I agree with ajay..but also there must be a little screening required by providers.

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