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Bad Client ( Indian offer you Apartmen to stay ) (1 posts)

  1. Be careful with this client if him offer you apartmen to stay , Don’t ever ever stay , he offer me apartmen in Downtown Boulevard apartmen number Ba203 12000 a month . After One week stay the security come knock my my Door and say to me , you can stay here if you bring visitor ,I was really sad and cry because no money , and don’t know where to stay what to do , lucky someone offer me stay in her flat ???????????????? , pls don’t ever ever happent to you guys ????????????????

  2. Hi are you? who is the one who rent the apartment for you? name? phone number?? some girls stay in downtown, 29 boulevard is a very high standing residence..they ask for register to access the building..if you was attend costumers without register, is very common security guards ask you to do it..otherwise leave the apartment, as you will put in risk all residences share more information about this real estate to others avoid same problem..maybe he didnt told you about it..I dont know..good lucky on your stay. best wishes

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