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    I we been 3 years ago in an apartment , and I found a black lady with her pimp and they tried to Robb me , I was lucky I am a not so small and skinny , but probably they did so to some people before . Anyway , try using a agency that has girls in hotel , it s much safer for you and no problems, I recommend you RoxyEscorts that I personally Use . in my opinion it s the best there is in Uae . they Bring the nicest girls to Dubai and they always have new ones ! best of luck !

  • Commented on: Any reviews for Roxy Agency:

    Hello , My opinion is to take one and you will discover that they are the best agency not only in Dubai , but also in London and Bucharest ! They will never dissapoint you . All girls are genuine and the Romanian girls are amazing ... Tell them to recommend you the best , and also for regular clients they have private colection of girls ! so first take one and after you can see also all the other beauties. they are kind of strict with clients because what girls told me it s that they care for the girls also ! but all this been said, take and you will see for yourself . When I come in Dubai I only use Roxy agency . no headache and no stress !