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  • Commented on: Are these adverts real girls or FAKE?:

    Majority of the postings are by agencies even if they claim to be independent. Also many girls use either old or photoshoped pics. You will also find some of them to be entirely fake! These are the cases where the girls in pics are different than in real or its a complete scam run by gangs. Best possible way to overcome this is to ask the girl to show herself at the door of the apartment or hotel room, ensure she is the same as pic, and only then enter inside. Otherwise, go for an outcall and call them to your place.


    I absolutely second this! Any advice on where can one find the best Ind/Pak girls? Any agencies or places you know?

  • Commented on: MEDICAL TEST:

    No!! Almost all of the working girls are here on visit / tourist visa which DOES NOT require any medical test, so they are NOT tested. I reckon only a handful of the girls who are living here as a resident would be tested as per the visa norms. Rest all are not. Most of the agencies / working girls will obviously answer this question as YES as they want to do business and get clients. Thus my honest suggestion is to COVER YOURSELF UP! Use protection...

  • Created a thread: Any reviews for Roxy Agency

    Can anyone tell if they have booked girl from Roxy? How was the experience, are they genuine and trustworthy?

  • Commented on: first timer need advice !!:

    The agency you have mentioned is good one. I have met their girls many times. The Agency will not ask for any ID, but as they are located in private apartment building, the building security will need your ID to let you enter the building. They will return your ID while you leave, no problem with that.. Cheers.

  • Created a thread: Why are my Comment 'Awaiting moderation'

    I have been using this site for over a year now, and have availed services from various different providers (independent and agencies). However, since all this time I am trying to post my comments on the profiles which I have been with, so that it helps others to make their choice. But all of them are STILL showing "Your comment is awaiting moderation" remark! Anyone else facing the same issue?

  • Commented on: PLEASE Have a local number:

    @pleasuresexyladiesss Look, I am a guy who regularly avails services from here, but at the same time I want to keep all of this private and not to be seen by my GF or Wife or anyone else, which is not so easy when using Whatsapp etc. Anyways, I dont think you understand my point!! Thanks for your inputs, anyways!

  • Commented on: PLEASE Have a local number:

    @pleasuresexyladiesss I agree, the clients should follow the agency rules. But then what about those client who cannot use whatsapp as they want to be discrete. Many people would not like to have or keep their Chats with Escorts or Agencies in their whatsapp. For verification there can be many different ways....

  • Created a thread: PLEASE Have a local number

    Dear Ladies / Agencies / Middle men and to all Service providers, Why don't you have a local number on which the customer can call to arrange bookings. Whatsapp is no doubt a good option for easy communication, but please understand that there are many customers (like me) out there who CANNOT use Whatsapp for obvious reasons to contact you! And so please use a local number on which one can call you. Why use a Russian, UK, USA or UAE number but only for Whatsapp. A serious customer will not mind dialing an international number to contact you. I am unable to Call so many profiles only bcoz of this reason.......

  • Created a thread: Indian agency

    Anyone knowing any reliable Agency with best Indian/Pakistani girls?