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  • Client must knows

    1)What am I paying for? ???????? You are paying for adult entertainment that takes place between two consenting adults.   Are your rates negotiable? NO. If you can't afford it, then please don't waste our time by contacting us until you can afford it.  Stick with the massage places or some other more affordable adult entertainment that fits your budget.  Bargain hunters need not call. You get what you pay for, and our lady is very attractive, ??????? fun, open minded, friendly, and they will make sure that you have a great time. The ladies are well worth the fees charged.  And no, it doesn't matter if you are a famous millionaire, actor or model; you still don't get a celebrity discount.   We consider our rates a value for the service provided.   ???????? What's the deal with a cancellation fee? Once our model books an appointment with you, we ask that you contact us if there is a change in plans.  There is no charge if this is done in a timely manner. But, once a lady arrives at your location, if a cancellation occurs we ask for a cancellation fee to cover the model transportation cost. ???????   Will the lady stay for the entire time? Yes, you are paying her for her time and however long you pay her to stay is how long she will stay unless you agree she can leave early. She is not clock watcher, but that doesn't mean you're going to get an extra 30 minutes for free either. Be respectful of her time as she may have other plans once your time with her is up.

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    Perfect,hope atleast few clients will read it and understand!

  • Best escort service in Dubai

    I want to leave a review for a very beautiful and intelligent girl. Mika independent escort. She is an angel and deserve every Derham. Thank you for our meeting.????


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  • Which agencies have real photos ?

    There are quite a few agencies from Russia. I want to know whether anyone knows agencies like Hottest and Cheapest escorts use real photos ? For example, has anyone met Ewelina or Alina on their site ? I have my doubts because I see a girl called Beata listed on their site as an Italian; the same photo appears in another agency with another name and is listed as Ukrainian. There are other sites like Harem escorts etc. Does anyone know if their photos are real ? Can anyone say recommend an agency that has real photos ? My experience with the Russian registered sites is you get someone different, although that person may be OK. I tried Indian agencies also, the price is low, but they don't even pretend to use real photos, the girls are pimped and you will most likely get an educated one. I have also met independents where what you see is what you get.

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    yes it's true.

  • Video with Dominika Dark

    Hello, Has anyone tried video shooting with Dominika Dark ? If so, please contact me, I am very much interested.

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    hi , contact via whats app and will find out more . Looking forward

  • Egyptian classy escorts whatsapp +971589025819

    hi, iam shams?? Egyptian ????????class escorts in dubai ???????? 26 years old , very sexy girl ???????????? i can do everything with u to make u happy . Come and fucke me ???????????? i have safe and private hotel room ???? Iam also doing a mistress with slaves ???? Note : iam for arabic men only .


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  • Fraud

    There is profile, which says I squirt like waterfall. Phone number ?+971 55 460 7983?, name Simona. This is absolutely fake profile. She stays in Wndsor Manor business bay. You will actually find an African girl, who will lock you in the room, threatens you and will rob you. She will not give you any pleasure and will just dump you. Please avoid this lady.


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  • Fraud

    This agency and advertisement is fraud. They sent a girl who told me to pay in advance that she had to give to his deiver beforehand. I gave the money to her after talking to her agency; she went out and never came back. Now neither agency is picking up the calls or responding to whatsapp nor the girl. Agency website Agency Contact number +971 58 902 7588 Girl who actually did this ?+971 56 987 3644?


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  • Escort in KSA

    Hey, Looking for an escort service in Saudi Arabia Jeddah/Riyadh, please help or direct me. Thanks!

    • by km Member
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    I know how you can find what you are looking for. Email me at [email protected]

  • Collaboration

    Hello! My name is Anton. I´d like to collaborate with you, so that I´m wondering if you work not only with girls but with guys also. Thank you in advance! Best wishes, Anton

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    What kind of collaboration?

  • VikkiStars....SCAM AGANCY. Be aware

    I've given this agency a second chance and guess what.. they still lie. They will send tottally different girl that what agreed on. In both occasions I didn't accept the booking. But they kept callin and promising genuine girls. Which none of them are advertised on their website. The whole business in Dubai has gone downhill. Bo genuine agencies anymore. All fake.

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    Was it a verified ad?